Study at home & obtain your degree from Malaysia & Panama. Admission going on MBA , M.Sc. in Mechanical , CIVIL , Electrical & Electronics Engineering , BBA, BIT, B.Sc. in Mechanical , CIVIL , Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Our Mission & Vission

In some aspects, Bangladesh is underdeveloped, especially in education field. A dynamic step has been taken to establish a Bangladesh Study Centre affiliated by West Coast University (WCU)-Panama. WCU-Panama is a famous foreign university and established with its affiliated study centre in 22 different countries. It has shown its excellent performance around the globe.

The salient objective of establishing such a Bangladesh study centre is to develop the resources of the country through quality education. In the present age of globalization, the main demand of the developing countries is skilled manpower but huge number of students in Bangladesh is unable to get engineering education. Though many Bangladeshi students have shown their good performance in abroad, but it is a fact that the degrees from overseas attract their attention in Bangladesh and in abroad regarding employment. It is possible to full-fill the requirement of Engineers for foreign countries along with internal demand, if the curriculum and environment are advanced like foreign study centre.

Foreign remittance is a very important factor to increase our GDP but most of the people who are working abroad are not skilled. If they would be trained up by Engineering education, undoubtedly the remittance could be increased about two to three times. Engineering degree from foreign study centre can make the self-sufficient. On the other hand their increased income can play it a lroleto free our country from debt-burden.

Thus West Coast University-Bangladesh centre is determined to develop the country and to open a golden opportunity for Bangladeshi young engineers to stay abroad peacefully along with their noble contribution to their family and homeland.



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