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Messages from Vice Chancellor OUM

Bismillahhir Rahmannir Rahim. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahhi Wabarakatuh

Greetings from Open University Malaysia (OUM).

We are proud to be associated with the West Coast Institute of Management & Technology, Bangladesh which is delivering the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) from OUM.

OUM’s internationalization strategies and enabling factors have allowed the university to achieve these global ventures. The internationalization of ODL has the positive impact on Malaysian higher education at large as the Government aims to position Malaysia as a centre for educational excellence in the region. For the university, the process of internationalization is seen as the opportunity for growth, expansion and more importantly upholding its mission of making higher education accessible to those who seek it; thus realizing the motto “University for all”.

One crucial distinction of our internationalization expansion model is that each foreign learning institution becomes in effect, an overseas learning centre of OUM. Autonomy is granted to these foreign institutions to market the programmes, enrol the students and schedule the learning classes accordingly. OUM maintains its authority in curriculum development, assessment formats, validation of results and quality of the teaching staff. OUM also provides extensive technological support in the form of learning management systems (myVLE) as well as e-content learning materials.
At OUM, our mission is to make tertiary education accessible to everyone regardless of geography or time constraints. This is made possible through the open and distance mode of teaching and learning as well as flexible entry requirements. In this regard, we see ourselves playing a supportive role in the human capital development of Malaysia.
As an ODL institution we certainly have the capacity to deliver our programmes to the masses, as we are not constrained by a physical campus. Specially designed learning materials including those in print as well as in electronic form, provide an enriching learning experience for learners. By embracing the latest technology in teaching and learning we are able to extend our outreach without compromising quality. This is in tandem with the expectations of working adults whereby they demand a flexible learning system.
Internationalisation has opened up doors of opportunities for people to seek greener pastures across borders. Businesses on the other hand are making use of the potential by casting their nets wider to amass broader recognition. As a higher learning institution that was formed to democratise education, OUM spearheaded open distance learning (ODL) in the Malaysian education scene.  ODL has grown significantly in recent years that it is today acknowledged as an important player in the provision of higher education internationally through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). When OUM was established in Malaysia at the beginning of the millennium as an ODL institution, it was looked upon as a novelty. Being the first such university, it heralded a new beginning in the local education arena. With the aim of democratising education, OUM engaged with people from different walks of life to present them with wider access to tertiary education, thus espousing the lifelong learning culture.  Fourteen years down the road, the University has not only gained a strong foothold locally but also abroad. The University’s internationalisation efforts have spurred significant collaborations in Bahrain, Maldives, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Hungary, Mauritius, Vietnam, Somalia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our recent collaboration was with the West Coast Institute of Management and Technology Bangladesh and we wish them every success with the BIT and the BBA from OUM.

Thank You.

Professor Dato' Dr. Mansor Fadzil
Vice Chancellor
Open University Malaysia



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