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Rules & Regulations

All Students who have been accepted by West Coast Institute of Management & Technology (WCIMT) will be bound to follow the following rules and regulations.

Admission :

  • All information mentioned in the 'Admission Form' is accepted in good faith. Any false declaration in any field of the form will expel the student from WCIMT.
  • Change of address and contact number(s) must be informed to the management. WCIMT will not be responsible for any lost mail.
  • An enrolled student of WCIMT is bound with the agreement that he/she will follow the course and pay the required fees in due time.
  • Students unable to join/continue the course must inform the management of WCIMT in a written form for future reference.

Student must follow the following rules to be allowed for the registration:

  • A student must attend at least 80% classes in each module.
  • A student must attend all the exams in Selection Test (i) and Selection Test (ii). If any student misses any exam of Selection Test he/she will not be eligible for the registration in any module however the result of other module(s) is.
  • Pass mark of Overall Performance (OP) in a module is 40%.
  • The final grade of elective modules will be calculated as follows: Final mark is calculated as follows: 60 % of Course Work (CW) + 40% of Local Exam (LE)
  • Overall Performance(OP) is calculated as follows: 20% Attendance + 15% Class Test + 15 % Assignment + 50% Selection Test
  • A student must pass in both CW and LE separately.


  • Every student must collect his/her ID card within one month of enrolment. ID card will be ceased in case of the expulsion of any student.
  • Students must wear the ID card within the premises.
  • Students can use the facility of the laser printer only for final project with the approval of the teacher.
  • Every student must read the main notice board whenever they come in the campus.
  • If management finds anyone involving in any politics or unlawful activities then he/she will be expelled from the institute.
  • WCIMT reserved the right to expel any student from the institute if the management thinks that the student is harmful for the institute.
  • Every student is bound to follow the discipline, manners and code of conduct of WCIMT.
  • If any student find or face any problem he/she should communicate with the class teacher at first regarding the problem and act according to the class teacher's instruction.
Note: WCIMT Management reserves the right to change, add or edit any of the rules as and when needed.



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